Heart to Heart

Romance/Comedy/Drama/Slowburn/LGBT/18+/with a small sprinkle of weirdness and angst

Cerise has been Earth's cupid for centuries, his work going seemingly well for a while, until all his matchmaking started to fail in one way or another. Now Cerise is on a mission to figure out why his matchmaking is failing and fix this issue.

On Valentine's day he runs into a human, Briar, who might as well be allergic to any romantic situations and feelings, avoiding them like the plague, whose actions and fuckboy antics infuriate Cerise so much that he reveals himself in his cupid glory in front of said human.

Butting heads at first Cerise and Briar learn how to cooperate and discover new things about each other. As time goes on they manage to grow close as friends and be the support they never knew they needed so much.

From annoyances to friends to...?


The comic is currently ongoing.

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